Electro Motive Records was founded in 1990, in those pre-Nirvana, pre-"alternative" days when small-time, locally-based labels and bands still had decent access to distribution channels to get their works out to the public.  Times sure have changed, and it sure is tough for the little guy to get his unusual 500-copy edition record or CD into stores these days.

From our first release, Savage Vigilance for a Rug-Free America by the National Hardwood Floor Association, to our most recent offering, Live from the Afterworld, Electro Motive has strived to issue challenging, unclassifiable works of all stripes.  We're not an "indie rock" label, although we have releases which might be described that way (Little My's records), nor are we only interested in nasty pranks, even though our first release consisted of people crank-calling a Christian talk radio program.  We've focused on local artists we've loved whose work we thought we could help distribute*, and we don't pay much attention to meaningless genre labeling (though we admit it's hard to describe some of the works we release).

Electro Motive Records spawned a sub-label, Qualipy(tm), which has primarily offered limited CD-R and cassette issues of even fringier items than our basic catalog.  Most of our editions have been in relatively small press runs of 500 copies, and in the case of all of our vinyl LP releases each copy's cover was uniquely hand-made and/or silk-screened.  We have always strived to use the best vinyl manufacturers and master our releases as carefully as possible.  And the artists alone decide what you will hear on your Electro Motive Records/Qualipy(tm) disk.

Electro Motive and Qualipy recently linked up with the Seeland label to offer greater distribution for our various wares.

Our direct mailorder accepts on-line credit card purchases, or we can fulfill orders via U.S.mail with check or money order.  Distributors and stores should write for price sheet and availability.

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*sorry, but we no longer accept unsolicited submissions